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Das ist aufgrund der Kurven kein HochgeschwindigkeitsKurs!
Das stimmt eindeutig. Aufgrund der vielen Kurven und der damit verbundenen Antritte wäre man auf dem RDW Oval eindeutig bei gleichem Puls schneller. Aber die Strecke macht viel Spaß. Da ich ein anderes Rad getestet habe kann ich keinen Vergleich ziehen in Puncto Geschwindigkeitsunterschied.

Alles Gute

@RB Cycle Vision und @Uli B.
Gibt es schon ein Datum wann die WM statt finden könnte?
Gruss Michi

Update about the 2021 World Championships
We are in the midst of the second corona-wave, but preparations are in full swing and we are confident that the pandemic will eventually subside, especially in summer.
The preliminary dates for the event are July 16-19.
The program has slightly changed, it roughly looks as follows:
Friday July 16
Location: Amsterdam-Sloten
  • early afternoon: race registration
  • late afternoon: elimination race (which is basically a fastest lap 2500m with built-in warming up)
  • evening: for campers, pitch your tent at the pop-up campsite in Spaarwoude (15 km bike ride)
Saturday July 17
Location: Spaarnwoude, Wheelerplanet
  • morning: individual 1 hour time trial
  • afternoon: kids race, criteriums in various vehicle categories
  • late afternoon: bike courier fun race
Sunday July 18
Location: Amsterdam-Sloten
  • 10 am: start 6 hour race
  • 1 pm: start 3 hour race (for those not doing the 6 hour race)
Monday July 19
  • 10 am: Leisure ride to Zaanse Schans, start/finish at the Spaarnwoude track parking lot.

We have a pre-booking for the tracks, and are working on getting the pop-up campsite in Spaarnwoude off the ground, this is a rather slow bureaucratic process.
Differences with the 2020 cancelled edition:
  • more time to rest between races, because we skipped the transfer from Sloten to Spaarnwoude at midday and skipped the 'Dutch hill climb' on Sunday.
  • pop-up camp site in Sloten is no longer possible because nearly all patches of grass have been repurposed. The alternative site in Spaarnwoude has a lot of space, it is 1300 meters from the Spaarnwoude track entrance.
The organizing committee is meeting weekly, as soon as a few more pieces of the puzzle have dropped in place we will start registration.
We look forward to see a lot of racers next year, use the pandemic to your advantage and make many miles in your (hard-shell) bubble!

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