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The Snoek is still for sale. Meanwhile, @Zenedavtri tail sticks on nicely, with a dremel I had cut out the opening too small, this has also been solved in the meantime.

Just a few more pictures about the Snoek latest/current "status" I added some stickers which can be removed easily.IMG_20240124_165830.jpgIMG_20240124_165822.jpgIMG_20240124_165811.jpg IMG_20240124_165845.jpg
By the way, my own mistake: the fin is not 100% symmetrical at the back. This was my own mistake. Fortunately, double-sided tape was used here, so it is still possible to hang it straight. Maybe I will fix it myself soon.
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I removed the original handle (protection) because it absorbed far too much moisture. I saw in one of Sven Kroll's photos that he used a handlebar tape for this and I have now done the same. It looks & feels better.PXL_20240217_094723695.jpg


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