Scheibenbremsen am VM?

As an engineer with a lot of professional 3dprinting experience, I know what you mean. I've also sketched scoops that can be pulled out slightly to direct/duct air onto the drums and can be pushed back flush with the body when on the flats. A bit like the service hatches on the M9/W9, in terms of size.

But that's just about heat, I also want to increase the maximum stopping power itself, since 160kg system weight is simply too much for stock SA's. I'll try cutting grooves in the pads first, a very cheap experiment that supposedly makes a big difference.

Another very cost-effective improvement is to change the routing of the brake cables. In a QV , the default is routing is down the tiller, then bend sideways to the steering plates, bend upwards and then 180 bend down again to the drums.
by removing the 180 bend you gain significant stopping power (less bends = less losses). But it requires more frequent service and the lines can collect water and freeze shut in winter: so be warned!
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