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(Sorry. I don't speak German, so I'm posting this add in English).
For sale.

Recumbent bike Zox 26 Low

For sale: Recumbent bike Zox 26 Low red
Condition: as new.
Bike dates from July 2022.
Asking price: €2,500

The Zox 26 Low is a recumbent bike with 2 x 26" wheels and a relatively low seat. It has front-wheel drive: the pedals drive the front wheel. The result is a shorter, lighter chain and a very responsive recumbent bike.
It's very pleasant to ride and comfortable, despite not having suspension.
It has U-shaped handlebars that is very easy to use and make the bike very stable.

It comes with excellent equipment:
- Zow 26 Low steel frame (easily repaired if ever necessary, unlike aluminium or carbon)
- DT Swiss 466d wheels
- Marathon Supreme 42-559 tyres
- Shimano XT CS-M8000 11-speed 11-46 cassette
- Shimano XT Shadow Plus RD-M8000 11-speed derailleur
- Shimano XT BR-M8100 / BR-M8120 disc brakes, SM-RT86 discs
- Boulhol single chainring 42 teeth
- 150 mm short cranks
- mixed normal / SPD pedals
- Thor easy GS carbon seat + Ventisit confort 3 cm
- adjustable stem
- luggage rack + rear light holder
- front light holder
- stand
- rear-view mirror
- 2 mudguards
- large Radical Design Top Extended bag

The bike is in 'quasi new' condition and has only been ridden about 1300 km.
I bought it thinking that a rather sporty bike would suit me, but it was a mistake: my knee and spine problems prevent me from riding it properly. I'm selling it again to upgrade to a motorised suspension trike.

The frame and all its components cost over €4,000 + assembly. I'm asking €2,500 for this nearly new bike.

You test it at my place (Belgium, between Gembloux and Namur) before taking it home. Payment in cash.
Sorry, I had computer problems for 2 days.
and sorry, I stupidely forgot to add the pictures of the bike.

Here they are:


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@Michael (@michiq_de): don't hesitate if you have more questions or want to plan a visit to my home.
Either ask the question here or contact me per private message to arrange the visit !


No problems for installing longer cranks.
I've serious problems to one of my knees ==> short cranks are better in this situation.
Hello Patrick @PP11 ,

do you know the size of the frame? Zox sells S, M and L-frames.
If you don' t know the frame' s size it can be helpful to know your bodyheight and your x-seam.

Would you sell only the frame (at what price?) and ship it to germany?

Best regards

I'm 1.85m tall, X-Seam 110 cm, height "between the legs" 88 cm.
Sergio (Mr Zox) names the frame "ZOX 26 Low disc Rahmenkit, Farbe Rot, Rahmengr. M/L"

No, I don't sell just the frame because I would have lots of work trying to sell the other components separately.
And I don't want to ship anything. I want to be sure that when the transaction is done, you and I agree on the quality of the product.
(by the way, I don't find how to mark this add as 'erledigt'.
If sb might help me keeping this forum clean ... Thanks in advance !
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