Tour durch Schweden im August

Hallo Leutz,

Wollte nur mal kurz den Facebooklink zu Alves Event im August posten falls jemand Lust und Zeit hat in der Gruppe Schweden zu umrunden:

Hier noch der Originaltext für alle die nicht dort vertreten sind:

Welcome to participate in the STOCKHOLM GOTLAND VELOMOBILE TOUR in August, SWEDEN.
Two velonauts have organized a velomobile tour across Sweden. Since I have moved to the south of Sweden, very close to the ferries from Germany and Poland, I would like to invite velonauts to take the ferry to my home from where we then start going north to join the SGVT.
There are no fees to join the tour, you only pay your stay at the campsites and the tickets for the ferries. Please note that it is necessary to make ferry bookings to and from Gotland as soon as possible since they often get fully booked.
During the tour we will spend the nights at campsites. Therefore, you must bring your own tent and sleeping bag. At most campsites there are kitchens, but the majority of us will probably eat at restaurants.
You will be able to ride in your own pace, but you need to download at least the free version of the Ride With GPS app to be able to follow the route.
You are welcome with your velomobile and tent to my home in Rydsgård latest the 3rd August. Closest port is Ystad at 20 km or Trelleborg at 30 km.
4 August -Start from Rydsgård
5, 6, 7 August – Slow 100 km per day to Mariestad where we join the group.
8 August – Mariestad – Hjälmaren, 150 km.
9 August – Hjälmaren – Flottsbro south of Stockholm, 150 km.
10 August – Flottsbro – Nynäshamn, 90 km. STOCKHOLM where we meet velonauts from the areas.
11 August – FERRY to Gotland leaving 07:55. Burgsvik, 80 km or 120 km if you like to go to the south point, Hoburgsgubben.
12 August – Burgsvik – Kapellshamn, 110 km or 150 km or 200 km, your choice at the north of Gotland.
13 August – Kappelshamn to Visby – FERRY to Oskarshamn leaving 17:30, 50 km.
14 August – We say hi to the group and change course towards the south. You decide your own speed. I plan to use 3 days from Oskarshamn to Rydsgård and arrive at home the 16th in the evening. You are welcome to overnight again at my home or you can book an evening ferry from Trelleborg or Ystad.

Please share this invitation on other forums outside of Facebook, thank you!
Oben Unten