erledigt Thys 209 ruderrad

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Hat jemand noch ein thys 209 zum verkauf?

Habe meine nach viel zweifel verkauft, weil ich es zu wenig brauchte und wieder ein 222 revolver gekauft habe. Aber doch, mit gemischte gefühle und zweifel :/

Also, die interesse fur ein thys209 bleibt.. und ich mochte doch mal gerne wieder eins zuruck kaufen.


In Aachen wird gerade eins angeboten: Click! (stolzer Preis)


Ah, there it is!

I allready had contact with that seller during the last weeks.

He offered me the bike earlyer, but at that moment i didnt have the money he would sell it for. When i gott enough finally, he was on vacation and he replied that he could reserve it till the end of his vacation and then i should have me a week to collect it, otherwise he would advertise it and put it for sale for a higher price.

During his vacation, i managed to get the money and sent him an sms for a reservation. No response. I emailed him, no response back

Waited till he was back from vacation, since i asked him to reserve it and i would have a week to get it collected. Arranged someone who might collect it eventually. Lent some euro's

Took some days, finally response after two calls and voicemail. He had placed an online advertisement for it, now wants a higher price for it :(

Looking at the date of the advertisement on ebay-kleinanzeigen that was 2 days after he would come back from vacation. That is: within the week he eventually gave me to collect it for a certain he put it on sale and wasnt going to sell for the agreed price.

So, thanks for ignoring the sms, emails and voicemail @Gordibrian ;)

(Gordibrian is the seller's account here)

Looking at previous 209's for sale here at the forum, i expect this one to be for sale for many, many months as 3850 euro is more then Derk Thys himself asks for a used example, and then it's fully checked and repaired where needed and with a warranty of a year.

*after a second call (voicemail), i finally received an email. He had allready put it for sale on a higher price elsewhere.
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Ich habe Dir doch gerade eines verkauft, was machst Du mit den Rädern?
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