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Mobile Dream by Lazelec electric all-terrain quad
i know it is not really a recumbent bike because it doesnt have pedals, but i think that you can go with someone who is riding a bike with it

-The Mobile dream - is designed for people with disabilities, or the elderly who want to have fun, people who have difficulty walking, cycling or who no longer have too much balance.
It is a fully suspended quadricycle, to go in the forest, in the mountain or everywhere you want, to go with your friends biking

it's a 4 wheel drive This allows you to regain autonomy and to go anywhere you want on your own
It has two speed limiters 1 slow at 12 km / h, 1 fast at 26 km / h
you can ride very gently or sportily.
This model has a transfer shelf on each side to access it from a wheelchair
new price is 15,800 Euros. It is manufactured individually, only on order.
it is in very similar condition to new
for the price, i wish 6 000 but you can make me any proposition
thank you


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