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Kid Karacho

Jan Wijnen ist mit dem ersten in Rumänien produzierten Snoek auf dem Weg zu Theo und Allert. Letzte Details besprechen. Ein zweites RO Chassis ist schon fertig und wird Ende Mai ausgeliefert.
Wer DAAAS wohl bekommt?!
Wir können wohl davon ausgehen, dass die Produktion noch im Mai startet.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Hi @Sandro ,
There were some minor adjustments to be done , plus the naca duct to be finalized and the rear light system to be defined. This is all done now and this week, my Snoek is at the paint shop. Soon, there will be updates, very much looking forward to ride with it again.
Greetings, Clement
etwas unter 20 kg sind es ohne Beleuchtung, Akku, Hupe, Klingel, etc. laut Theo. Liegt dann an jedem selbst, wie schwer es letztendlich wird ;)

Today was the big day: my Snoek is now finalized. And I have to say that I am very enthousiastic about it.

Here is a short summary about what has been optimized and developped by during the past weeks :
  • The naca duct on the nose to enable more ventilation and to integrate the front light. It is made in a way that you can easily take about the front light (when have a race for instance). I have installed a IQ X, but a Lupine SL fits as well (if it fits your budget).
  • The rear light: it is a really simple, functional system: 2 blinkers on each side of a tube, combined with the handle bar on which the rear lamp is mounted (changing intensity when braking). The weight of the complete system : 39 g. When you have a race, you can easily dismount it.
  • The trap under : it is now attached with velcros instead of screws. Allert has shaped small bulges to give a bit more space for the heel.

Once those enhancements had been completed, my Snoek was sent to the car painter and was spray painted with Green Kawasaki color.

This morning, once completely set up we measure its weight with the following components :
  • Rear light, front light, blinkers, horn, battery
  • Continental Contact speed 28-406 with latex tube
  • Alexrim DA16 (heavy rims)
  • Continental GP5000LT 25-622 tube less
  • DT Swiss 460db
  • Ventisit
  • elbow holders
  • 2 mirrors
Total weight 21.800 kg !
Adding the race cap : 22.960 kg

In race configuration, with the lights, horn, battery, with light wheels, light tires and tubes, I can reduce the weight by 1250 g which would bring it weight down to 21.710 kg with the racecap!

Here are a few pictures.

Soon, I will make a paragraph about the maintenance friendly aspect of it.

With kind regards


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Kid Karacho

But you can see the brake light on the side where it is not flashing. Since these 3in1 rear lights are approved for road traffic, I don't see any problem.
The rear lights don't really please me either. But I'm more concerned about thr aerodynamics of the front light/naca duct (at this particular position).