Second round HPV italian Championships in Monza (03-04/06/2017)


Propulsione Umana organizes a one and a half hour race for all HPV vehicles during the "FESTA DELLO SPORT" days, in the Monza Formula 1 track.

We know it is only one week before the World Championships but unfortunatly that was the only available date...

The race will take place on Sunday, the 4th, at 16:00 and will last till 17:30 (1 1/2" hour race).

It will also be possible to take part to a 2 hours practice session during Saturaday afternoon (approx at 15:00).

Each participant in the sunday competition will have to produce a competitive physical fitness certificate, dated less than a year before the start of the competition.
The vehicle must have sufficient braking power and stability. sharp or protruding tips parties will be considered unsafe. It's mandatory at least one rear-view mirror, for recumbent vehicles and an audible warning device for each velomobiles (to avoid the risk in case of high speed overtake). The pilot must wear a hard helmet even in completely closed vehicle. The helmet must be certified by a national or international body (CE, TÜV ...). The parachain protection is mandatory, except when the crown is in a fairing or protected by an appropriate protective structure.

Vehicle classes

Three main classes
UF - without fairing: vehicle without any fairing, front or back.
SF - Semi-faired: vehicle with front or rear fairing fairing.
FF - completely faired: vehicle with bodywork both front rear fairing.

The checkered flag will be shown at 17:30. The winner will be the competitor who at passing the finish line will have walked the most laps.
All participants will receive 2 start numbers. These will have to be exposed on the right side of the vehicle so as to be clearly visible (possibly one of the adhesives may be exposed on the helmet, left side).
The official results will be published as soon as possible on the website of Propulsione Umana.

Immediately after the race, at the paddock
For every problem of the standings, points, or race conditions, please contact with the organizing committee.

Facebook page: Propulsione Umana

Thank you!!!


Oh boy, all the fast guys. I see at least 2 former world champions (or their velomobiles).

Hei @Markciccio Is there any registration required? Or can I just show up in Monza spontaneously?

Sunny Werner

Ich war mit 57er schnitt im Ziel und der franszoze mit den dfxl war in der letzte runde an mich vorbei ohne hosen und mit one reifen, klasse gefahren, ich hatte keine tacho oder etwas zum wissen wie lange es noch ging, er dürfte an mich vorbei weil ich nicht wüsste ob noch ein oder zwei , aber dann war schon die Flagge da.
Dank für die Organisation, es war klasse..
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Sunny Werner

Thanks for the Results..(y)
Just a bit to say...The first woman (Nici Walde) was faster than the winner from last year, that cold have been mentioned at the ceremony...
it was totaly much faster than last year..:D

@DanielDüsentrieb was war dein Streckenrekord??

Super Organisation from you all (y)

Vergleich mit letzes Jahr...Gleiche Strecke.. siehe..
Here are the comments to the race (in italian) and the photos of the podium:

Here is the official classification:

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Yes, actually we had some problems with the classification because at the end of the race a Monza marshal told our ladies timekeepers they must immediatly leave the track and this caused a great mess!!! If I had the results I would have underline this great result for a lady against all these super-men. Great job Nici!
So there could be some little mistakes even in the time table but the classication is anyway corrrect, I am quite sure of this.

...I will correct Nici's surname in the next classification table...

Is there any other mistake in the names?
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