Random thoughts on the Azub T-Tris 26 after almost 4 years

Since the end of last year my T-Tris had been parked in the bicycle garage:

- the battery would not work with the KT controller in 44v mode
- lock down limit of 1 km from home was impossible
- the winter jacket I have is not waterproof
- I was too busy building a vélomobile...
- ... (other lame excuses go here)

Yesterday I cobbled together a 36V battery from a 6S6P LiIon brick and a 4S 10000 mAh LiPo pack. The wheels have been on Agilo and now have the original Tryker tyres back on them. The bent left axle was replaced, Azub managed to find me one because since I bought the trike the axles have changed.

I removed the trailer hitch which wasn't quite finished and was rubbing on the hub motor in corners. I installed the Tubus rack from my pedelec instead so now I have 4 times Ortlieb back rollers - 1 for the battery, 1 for bike stuff and 2 for personal belongings (fishing gear, boat stuff, ...)

The SPD-SL pedals are in Agilo so I remounted the stock flat MTB pedals. This is the first time I have ridden the trike without being clipped in for a few years, my left foot did not want to stay in place... I will replace with SPD pedals and SPD sandals soon.

I took the Trykers off and replaced with Big Ben almost immediately after buying the trike because I found the handling at speed to be too nervous and twitchy. Yesterday I didn't go over 50 km/h but the handling was very good. I have a lot more experience so my steering technique is better? Setting up the front end improved tracking? In any case the Trykers are >1 km/h faster than the Big Bens down the one fast hill in town. Braking performance was very good.

The brakes - I have had problems with the left hand brake for a while, the Jagwire housing had split and the brake needed constant adjusting. I fixed that the other day cutting back the housing, the cable housing now holds in place. I scrubbed the brake residue out of the drums before mounting, there wasn't much considering the + 4000 km driving, there is still plenty of meat on the brakes. But then I have a policy of using the brakes as little as possible when on the road and I stay away from the city centre when I can.

Problems to solve:

- the rear mudguard rubs - not all the time - but it needs to be better integrated with the Tubus rack
- lights, powered from the main battery finally
- battery, I was hoping to share the same battery between the 2 vehicles but the best idea is to have a dedicated 36v battery.
- I will have to change the seat cover one of these days, it is a little shabby.
- chain tubes need some attention.

It was good to be back! Lock down has one huge advantage, there are almost zero tourists so it is very relaxing being on the road...