Quest 305 mods


Sorry in advance for writing in english, but I guess its preferrable before swedish.
I have had my quest 305 for a few years and put over 10 000km on it. Lots of little modifications were done in that time, such as stiffening of the swing arm mounting points and adding an anti-roll bar. These mods have been presented before.
I wanted to buy a new velomobile, but money is short for a few years to come, so some investments in the quest were made.

When i bought the Quest it came with a sinner hood, which fits quite poorly from an aero perspective. It got chopped and lowered to where the rear alinged with the back of the velo. Still, I needed a better fit, so a new hood was laminated. Few pics attached.
Hood is secured with magnets. Works very well even in strong wind. Picture below is fresh hood, no magnets so the fit is quite poor.

There was a risse astro damper in the back, which has a nice function, but leaked more and more. Ordered complete sealing kit from the US, but the wrong kit got delivered after 2 weeks so I lost all hope. Damper was replaced with a damper for moped. No more worries about leakage and lost function. Ride is almost as good as with the Risse, no problems on rumble strip. 2 pcs for 80 eur. Link to the damper here:
A bit of modifications needed to make it fit, but no big problems.

Chain rings up front have been 42/65. The jump is quite big and it never worked very well, so the rear casette was changed for a 9 speed with 11-46 and a long cage derailleur. Single 65T left in front. This is sufficient for me. I live in a moderately hilly area of Sweden. Inclines up to 10% exist, but the normal is up to 5% for longer stretches. This requires some gringing and reinforcment on the body around the deraillerur.


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That's my old Quest! Great to see it still being used and great job on adding stability - it was needed for that bike. I sold it to a Swedish guy in 2017 - did you buy it from him?
Nice to hear! Hi, yes I bought it from a Swedish guy in Stockholm. Seems to have some pedigree, considering it was in RAAM.
Wow great work, keep it up.
Can you maybe tell me more about the rear wheel shock, sounds interesting.
I will take some photos and write some more about the rear damper tomorrow. I will say it is one of the best mods so far. The moped damper is adjustable in spring preload and is adjusted to minimize spring compression under pedaling.

I think I got the quest to almost where I want a velomobile to be. 50km/h on the flat is doable for quite some time. My biggest issues are weight and wind sensitivity.

I still need to laminate foothole covers soon. They will be nice during winter, it gets a bit cold up here.

Don't know how to tackle wind sensitivity though. Might try storm strip.
Not really after being able to ride in storm winds, more after better stability during inspired riding.
I'm excited, thank you for that.

Are you sure you want to close it because there's no way to Drive (with feet) backwards, or you have to get out every time, some people put rubber parts there, maybe that's an idea for you?
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I had silicone over the foot holes with two overlapping slices on one side. Is was a good solution for me but if you have big feet it might be annoying.

I also had a storm strip. I think it made a difference but I was still blown in the ditch once.
I am sure about the foot holes. I almost never need to reverse, despite gocycle front tyres. I mostly share road with the cars since bike lanes are not safe around here. I do get out to turn it around every once in a while anyways.

Thanks for the info on the storm strip. I will try it out. Maybe the scars from your ditch are still visible... Length wise on the right side.

Regarding the damper. I needed to modify the ends a bit. Reference to the colored picture of damper alone.
First I cut off the ear at the blue end. Then put in a threaded rod which was secured with lock nut. On this i used the spherical end which was on the Risse.
On the other end, I inserted a short orange screw into the housing and drilled from the red side into the screw. Threaded this and put in a threaded rod. Put the spherical end on the rod. Done.
All in all, maybe an hours work. Total cost 80 eur, including a spare damper since it was 2 for 80. I can really recommend it.


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