erledigt quest 009 diy pack

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Raptobike Lage Racer
as i don't have the time /energy /space to rebuild this vm i am going to sell it .

what do you get
a near complete vm with some extra spare parts .
shell is in usable condition. ( i have commuted with this one for around a year ) . only needs some cosmetic work .
it is a 3x20 with open wheel wells so it turns an handles like a strada or a mango but is has more space .
what do you need for certain to complete the build .
one or best 2 suspension struts ( maybe some will come up for sale with the new 25mm elastomer ones) wheel bearings for the new axles are included
a bottom bracket holder ( standard 40/40 tube via , alligt , or etc )
maybe some bolts and small stuff .

price make me a fair offer , the faster it goes the cheaper it sells ;)