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Hello horizontal flyers!

I will be very gratefull if you could help me to answer a few questions about possible makeover of up racer to a recumbent.

I have Nazca tourer for more than a year now and I am super happy with it. Plush touring machine.

But every winter I am working abroad for a few months in different town( it is easy to guess which country by colours).

To go to and from work I purchased a bike instead of useing a bus.

I bought single gear bike for 70e almost brand new. It is not stolen, seller doesn't like single gear because health reasons so sold it for little money.
I don't know if it is steel or aluminium.
Since I need bike for a few months and after that I am going back home, my questions would be:
-Is it possible to make front or rear wheel drive from it?

-If yes, how much roughly it costs to do it? And how hard would it be to it for a regular welder?

-If yes, transport to my place would be round 100e, bike 70, so plus welder, plus seat, aero bars, different cassette.

-since I already have it, is it wiser to make a non suspended recumbent or try to resell it as it is?

-I am 185cm, can't guess the frame size, tires are 700c.

Thank you very much and looking forward to your answers!!!
If answers are no, how much for a bribe?!


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