Just a quick note in English, the story is going round and I want to be the first to tell you all about it :)

After owning the first Bülk in the Netherlands (even before the demos!), I now have the questionable honour of being the first ever to crash a Bülk velomobile into a car at reasonable speed, and roll it in the aftermath. Although the outside looks fine, there's some nasty damage in the bike.
I'm really happy I was in the Bülk when it happened, as I barely took a hit; Apart from some mild muscle pain I'm entirely fine, and I'm confident I wouldn't have been working today had I tried this party trick on an open bike (recumbent or upright). There are some things that could be improved in my opinion (both in the Bülk and in velomobiles altogether), I'm discussing this with Intercity Bike (NL) and Jan (Velomobile World), so I hope we all benefit in the end.

Bülk #14 will ride again one day, it's not beyond repair. However for now, it's path has stopped just under 10.000 km.

I'll keep you all posted on next steps!

Good gracious !
I'm glad to hear you came out of this without serious injuries. It must have been a dreadful experience, though. And it's such a pity for the (almost) brand new Bülk.
I wish you a quick recovery and hope that you will be on the road again with your Bülk very soon.
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Puh, sieht fies aus. Gut, dass Dir so wenig passiert ist. Was schaut da oben aus dem Wartungsdeckel raus? Ist das ein Tiller-Bruchstück?
I hope that you and your Bülk will recover quickly and wish you all the best.

Would you mind writing a short description of how the crash happened? Just so that we can all learn from it.
It's good to read that, all in all, you are "ok".
As I don't ride a velomobile it is very impressive to "see" and "read" how less, compared to the damage of the vehicle, drivers are injured.

All the best for you,

Incredible, how far people go to be the first! :ROFLMAO:
Tough luck, but as you are still with us, all‘s good.
Gibt es schon Indikatoren, wann das Schüttgut(tm) eine Panzerkenkung bekommt? Jan hatte ja eines auf der Spezi dabei, war aber noch(?) nicht zufrieden...
Der Milan SL ist definitiv zu schmal, im A7 haben wir es mit der Sitzposition nicht so genau genommen, da Fahren eh nicht möglich war.

dann, solltest du auch mal ein Bülk probieren, weil es gerade auch im Schulterbereich den Schulterriesen einen Platz anbieten sollte.

Meine Schultern sind an den Gelenken 48,5cm, wenn ich die Arme nach vorn halte. Im Entsprechenden Bereich im Bülk sind es 55cm und je mehr man weiter vorne sitzt, wird es breiter als die 55cm.>>

oder hattest du das Bülk schon probiert ?:unsure:
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